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Our omni-channel communication solutions break down silos to transform your “multi-channel” customer service infrastructure into a truly “omni-channel” offering that allows customers to seamlessly continue receiving assistance when they cross digital channels, including providing context to your live agents.


Customers – particularly mobile customers – may traverse multiple channels of engagement when seeking an answer to their question, including self-service and agent-assisted options. Our interaction management solutions make it easy to deliver a consistent customer experience on voice, mobile, web and social channels. Our solution breaks down the silos that transform your “multi-channel” customer service into a truly “omni-channel” offering that allows customers to seamlessly continue receiving assistance when they cross channels, including providing context to your live agents. This creates cost efficiencies, reduced customer frustration and better issue resolution when customers can quickly resolve basic issues via the self-service channel of their choice, freeing up your agents to dedicate their efforts to resolving more complex customer queries.


The contact center is filled with data that can provide valuable information about the operation, but the data is located in disparate systems and there is no way to consolidate, correlate and display information relevant to each user’s role.  This is where our Performance Management tools help surface valuable insights using simple widgets and dashboard displays to align individual goals with enterprise strategic priorities ensuring that the focus on these analytics will quickly drive change.


Companies are turning to chatbots and messaging apps to engage with customers. However to be truly effective these bots and messaging conversations must be smart and helpful, or customers will turn them off just as quickly as they started. Our solutions offer you a quick and reliable way to deliver a rich, personalized digital experience to millions of users that can quickly respond to customer requests and deliver timely insights and advice in a conversational medium that customers are familiar and comfortable with.


We offer solutions from the leading outbound dialer vendor with contact capabilities that power automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care delivered through voice, email or SMS. This functionality makes it possible to provide critical information to the right people at the right time through the most effective channel, supporting increases in productivity, service satisfaction, recovered debt and sales revenues. Smarter, compliant campaigns can take full advantage of engagement opportunities to save time and resources. And with notification channels today’s consumers prefer, you’re able to send critical alerts and value-added messages that reach customers when the information is most helpful.


Our quality monitoring software allows for a customer interaction to be evaluated by all parties including supervisor, agent, and customer from any perspective. It also calibrates quality scores to ensure consistency and perceived fairness while monitoring agents’ audio and screen interactions in real time. The results of quality monitoring are integrated with performance management tools for balanced scorecards and full coaching workflows.