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The smart workspace solutions from MAK were specifically designed to solve the challenges of the modern office environment. Our desking and seating facilities combine next-gen technology with ergonomic features that offer critical sustainability and wellness features. Our solutions help enterprises achieve both a high-performance workplace and a pleasant working environment.


Powered by the functionality of traditional KVM switches and extenders, and adding an abundance of new IP-based features, our distribution platform eliminates distance restrictions between computers and desktops — in real-time! True Channel Communications is a unique feature of the distribution platform. Video (DVI, VGA), Audio and USB data streams are all managed in separate channels and can be made available to authorised users in any combination. This principle is extremely useful when it comes to deploying Free Seating, and it provides the users with maximum comfort. Multicasting or Sharing, Free Seating and user-friendly access to applications and PCs provide a solid foundation for an efficient and flexible working environment.


Our multifunctional keyboards and distribution platform technologies enable business managers, traders and IT managers obtain cost-effective, secure and efficient working environments. It offers shared access to sources (e.g. market data systems) and facilitate a faster return on investment also providing ultimate flexibility and efficiency with Free Seating. The solutions are characterised by their intuitive usability and ergonomics. Traders benefit from high-performance workplaces and enjoy a pleasant working environment with considerably less heat and noise. Due to the modularity of the architecture, WEY Solutions can easily be expanded. This has a positive impact on Capex costs and on retaining the long-term value of your investment. System changes and maintenance can be executed at any time and without service interruptions.


Mission-critical environments need exceptional technology integration along with aesthetics and this is what our next generation consoles and desks bring to firms. Built to accommodate your IT technology from thin client to full plinth and with a host of additional features from height adjusted workspaces to cooling towers and concealed cabling, our desking solutions offer the critical sustainability and wellness features required in today’s workplace. It offers 30% more legroom and can still fit the same number of PCs inside. Its toe space doors allow you to stretch out an extra 8” (200mm) without increasing the size of the desk or sacrificing PC quantities. More space, same footprint. Our consoles also comply with the new BS EN527-1 ergonomic standard.


Digital Displays including LCD, LEDs, Large Format Video Walls, Tickerboards and Backlit LEDs are some examples of digital display solutions available. We cater to all our consumer’s higher demand in terms of larger screens, higher resolution with brighter and rich colors when it comes to the selection of display panels. Through our partnerships with a number of the world’s leading display manufacturers, our pre-sales engineers are able to recommend and advise you on the ideal digital displays panel that can meet your requirements, specifications and business needs.