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The trading floor is mission-critical to the operations of any financial institution. A powerful and dynamic communication setup is imperative to ensure that all the daily operations of the institution are handled smoothly and securely. Our trading floor communication solutions from IPC include award-winning hard and soft turrets/dealer boards, and electronic connectivity services, including enhanced voice services, business continuity solutions, and support. Two out of every three traders in the world sit down in front of an IPC trading system every day.


Identifying potential cases of fraud and compliance violations and taking the appropriate counter-measures is crucial in order to protect any financial business. The constant expansion of content and media to be recorded and the sheer amount of conversations preserved every day pose new challenges to finding and investigating potentially harmful behavior. You set the rules – if any conversation subsequently indicates fraudulent behavior, it is automatically forwarded to the person you designate for further investigation. By moving beyond “react and respond” to a proactive stance, robust compliance planning does more than simply protect the organization’s assets and reputation; it enables sustainable growth.


In line with the dynamic pace, complexity, and regulation of today’s financial markets, we offer our customers the very latest and best in IP trading turrets from IPC. Designed by, and for, traders, these turrets are highly specialized, multi-line, and multi-speaker, offering unmatched power, speed, clarity, and control for today’s rapidly changing and competitive financial markets. Engineered specifically to improve communications, they feature state-of-the-art IP technology, an advanced user interface, and a long list of features that allow traders to choose exactly what they need.


Firms looking to enable real-time collaboration by giving middle and back-office staff quick connectivity to the trading floor do not need to look any further. Our compact hoot and intercom device from IPC can get deals done faster with its hoot, intercom, TV audio, and customizable speaker channel integration by eliminating the need for PBX phones or other intercom vendor equipment that consumes valuable desk space. This solution makes it easy to connect everyone in the enterprise who is involved in creating, executing, and clearing trades, without the need for dedicated hoot and intercom devices. CONSOLES Mission-critical environments need exceptional technology integration along with aesthetics and this is what our next generation consoles and desks bring to firms. Built to accommodate your IT technology from thin client to full plinth and with a host of additional features from height adjusted workspaces to cooling towers and concealed cabling, our desking solutions offer the critical sustainability and wellness features required in today’s workplace. Our trading desks are used on more trading floors than anyone else.


We offer a one-stop-shop solution of turnkey design-build services for your mission-critical environment, taking full accountability and responsibility for the entire project, constantly adding value, and offering you industry competitive rates and improved ROI within the agreed timeframes and budget. Our in-house design team layout and visualize floor plans, helping to design your workspace and configure product requirements.


Our multifunctional keyboards and distribution platform technologies enable business managers, traders, and IT managers to obtain cost-effective, secure, and efficient working environments. It offers shared access to sources (e.g. market data systems) and facilitates a faster return on investment also providing ultimate flexibility and efficiency with free seating. The solutions are characterized by their intuitive usability and ergonomics. Traders benefit from high-performance workplaces and enjoy a pleasant working environment with considerably less heat and noise. Due to the modularity of the architecture, WEY Solutions can easily be expanded. This has a positive impact on Capex costs and on retaining the long-term value of your investment. System changes and maintenance can be executed at any time and without service interruptions.


Today’s trading environment is faster and more complex. When you rely on trading partners all over the world, you can’t afford to have connectivity issues get in the way of generating alpha, sourcing liquidity or mitigating risk. IPC’s portfolio of Financial Markets Network services for data, voice and enterprise connectivity can help your firm trade faster, become more agile and enhance competitive advantage. With the IPC Financial Markets Network Managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), you’re connected to a community of more than 6,000 capital market participants around the globe. Throughout the trade lifecycle, quickly and easily reach everyone you need: buy-side and sell-side firms, trading platforms, market centers, liquidity venues, interdealer brokers, application and market data providers, and clearing/settlement services.


Increasing regulations, oversight, and governance require firms to record and archive voice communications and make them easily available on demand. However, as technology grows more sophisticated, so do the fraudsters and thieves who manipulate these resources to achieve personal gain, conduct illicit activities, and circumvent the law. To be able to illustrate compliance, firms need a comprehensive strategy—backed by a robust, cost-effective solution. We have a strong heritage of excellence in engineering and a network of best-of-breed suppliers. Financial firms count on us to help them maintain and support their platforms, providing secure call recording over any dealer board or PBX solution. Selecting us as your integrator means you have a single point of contact for support and maintenance of your entire call recording infrastructure.