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Automate entire multi step processes to enable your staff to focus on more complex and customer-related activities while reducing human errors. Our automated systems streamline and optimize business and customer engagement processes to deliver a more robust and reliable service solution.


Does your organization have an operational area that needs to execute thousands of time-consuming business processes each day that, while moderately complex, are fundamentally rules-based and doesn’t require human decision making and judgment? Then RPA is the perfect solution to help manage these repetitive, time-consuming tasks for you. This solution provides software robots that can completely replace the need for manual processing of specific tasks or entire multistep processes within a functional area, automating them and operating around the clock. The solution can enable your staff to focus on more complex and customer-related activities while helping reduce the errors that sometimes occur when employees manually complete tedious processes over and over again.


The key enabler of effective fraud detection systems is the ability to traverse and analyze the relationships between customers, products, places and other entities. Graph databases are built from the ground up to support this type of analysis, with none of the performance problems that are common to most relational databases and document stores. By embracing the graph database approach, you can achieve real-time, transaction-level analysis of customer behavior quickly and with minimal investment. If you need to identify fraudulent activity by spotting patterns and relationships between a ring of fraudsters in your customer-base, the most effective solution is a database that puts relationships first.


Desktop and Process Analytics provides visibility into how employees use different systems, applications, and processes to perform their work. The solution can help you identify opportunities to enhance compliance and the overall efficiency, cost, and quality of customer service. Using this form of Artificial Intelligence, you can gain insights to help your managers take corrective actions and deliver real-time guidance to help expedite tasks in various areas of the enterprise from back-office operations (such as accounting, payment processing, and order fulfillment) to capturing time spent in applications, mapping processes to streamline them and reduce variability, and reducing errors.


Financial institutions are turning to chatbots and messaging apps to engage with customers. However to be truly effective these bots and messaging conversations must be smart and helpful, or customers will turn them off just as quickly as they started. Our solutions offer you a quick and reliable way to deliver a rich, personalized digital experience to millions of users that can quickly respond to customer requests and deliver timely insights and advice in a conversational medium that customers are familiar and comfortable with.


Here AI solutions use a text-based communications channel – like SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or web chat – to provide customer service. It integrates with the contact center to offer “human backup” where needed, but many customer inquiries can be resolved without human intervention. Self-service Interactive Text Response dialogues can be initiated by a customer inquiry, or by an outbound notification from a company. They may be simple and directed or may involve the use of natural language understanding (NLU).